The Seraphim Club International

The Seraphim Club International was established in 1995 by Anne (Anya) Ellis in honor of the recognition by the National Pigeon Association of Seraphim, a breed of Fancy Show Pigeon painstakingly developed in Anne’s loft over a period of nearly ten years. The genetic mutations that led to the creation of this breathtakingly beautiful bird were first identified in the offspring of a pair of Old Oriental Frills in Anne’s loft in 1986, then consolidated and refined into the regal and dignified Seraph, the angel of the Fancy Pigeon World we know today.

The Mission of The Seraphim Club International is to be an encyclopedic source of factual information about Seraphim Pigeons. Secondarily, but perhaps more importantly, it intends to bring together people of all backgrounds and experience who bear an interest in Seraphim and their proper culture and breeding—a place to share knowledge and experience, if you will—and to promote the keeping of Seraphim in aviculture while adhering to the most advanced breeding methodology to create high quality Seraphim that conform to the expected breed characteristics.

The Seraphim Club International welcomes all Seraph fanciers who adhere to the high standards of care, breeding, and maintenance espoused by The Club. Helpful comments and observations about specific topics will be edited and published for the benefit of all, and questions may be asked about specific topics of discussion also using the “Comments” section after interesting written articles.

This digital site will grow over time, so don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t see what you need immediately.

With Kind Regards,

David Coster MD, Editor

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