SCI Show Judges

Seraphim are shown and judged with the Rare Breeds unless SCI members have organized a sanctioned meet through the SCI. 

It is assumed that all Judges serving The Rare Breeds Pigeon Club are competent and capable of properly evaluating Seraphim in the Show hall. Seraphim can, however, be a challenge to evaluate properly and some Judges may be relatively unfamiliar with the breed,  so all Judges must review the Seraphim Show Standard and keep a copy of it on hand when judging Seraphim.  

SCI members organizing a sanctioned SCI meet for points should aspire to acquire a Judge with special expertise and interest in Seraphim. The SCI will maintain a list of Judges on this website who have special expertise with the breed. The Judge will be expected to follow the rating system and assignment of awards and points as outlined in the SCI Constitution.

The current list of those considered by the SCI to have particular special expertise in Seraphim evaluation includes:

Scott Amo – Cement City, Michigan
Anya Ellis – Woodbury, Connecticut (Creator of Seraphim)
Ron White – Marathon, Iowa
David Coster – Grinnell,Iowa
Larry Jolly – California
Stanley Vercouteren – Oostburg, WI
David Orth – Kansas

(Updated 11-24-16)