The Seraphim Club International

The Seraphim Club International was established in 1995 by Anne (Anya) Ellis in honor of the recognition by the National Pigeon Association of Seraphim, a breed of Fancy Show Pigeon painstakingly developed in Anne’s loft over a period of nearly ten years. The breed has been refined into what is now known as the “Angel of the Fancy Pigeon World.”

The Mission of this site is to be an encyclopedic source of factual information about Seraphim Pigeons and to bring together people of all backgrounds and experience who bear an interest in Seraphim.

The Seraphim Club International welcomes all Seraphim fanciers. There is also a private Facebook group for Seraphim afficionados you may join called Seraphim Pigeon Fanciers. Just push the “join” button on the top of the page and I’ll be notified to add you.

To best use this site, click on the button above in the header called “The Seraphim Encyclopedia,” drop down the page until you see “Categories” in the column on the right, then click on the specific subject you want to explore, such as “Breeding” or “Care and Maintenance” or “History.” If you are trying to find a breeder who may have high quality Seraphim look in the category called “Sales” for a list. If you are already a breeder of high- quality Seraphim and looking for a permanent site to be listed as such, let me know and I’ll add you to the list. My email is

With Kind Regards,

David Coster, Editor and Manager for the Seraphim Club International.

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