United States Seraphim Breeders

The Seraphim Club International is a free site for Seraphim fanciers, owners, and breeders. If you are a Seraphim breeder and would like to have your name and contact information listed, e-mail David Coster at cozmd@aol.com with your name, city, state, and email address.  Breeders who are known or thought to have Show Quality Seraphim for sale annually or periodically are listed. The roster is updated when new information is provided. All individuals listed have Seraphim from champion blood lines. If you are having any trouble reaching any of the Seraphim breeders below, email me at cozmd@aol.com and I will see if I can find additional contact information for you. Fanciers get in and out of various breeds, so it’s always difficult to know who is continuing to breed Seraphim. 
  • Coster, David    –Coz Lofts-   Grinnell, Iowa  cozmd@aol.com website: http://www.cozlofts.wordpress.com 
  • Davis, Henry  Hanford, California   hdavisrollerrmhld@yahoo.co
  • Hiner, Kevin    Gladewater, TX      bluebarpd@gmail.com
  • Kaddoura, Hossam  San Francisco, California   hossamkadolive@icloud.com
  • Lee, James    Ogden, Utah   jameslee803@comcast.net
  • Luke, Ed     Georgetown, Texas   engedluke@aol.com
  • Mears, Matt    Jacksonville, Florida  mattmears77@gmail.com 
  • Peru, Cisco    Kilauea, Hawaii    cisco.yadao.peru@gmail.com